Friday, 26 May 2017

Google support team and their salient features

Google support team: It provides support for some of its services or product .it provides assistance to users of using new products such as mobile phones, computers,software related products, hardware related product,mechinacal goods and other products.

There are billion of users who are using Google for different purposes ,when they use all the services provided by google then some times they may get difficuties so Google support team provides services at that time and users can easily access the services.
Features of google support Team:
  • Phone Support- if user gets any type of difficuty while using services provided by google then user can dial customer support number that is available at free of cost then support team will help user at that time.
  • Email-if you are using some services provided by google and you have no solution to resolve it then you can contact to google support team by email , you can send your complain on support email id, and you will get expert comment provided by google support team .
  • onine chat- If you have no idea to use google services and you are getting problems in between then you can chat with google support expert by using their email id .
  • Google support team also provides remote desktop services means if you will get any problem by using google services then you can use their software that is remotely accessible by both side ,you will send a complain from that software and remotely your problem will be resolve in a certain time.
  • Google support team also provides services by using forum pages.there are many forum for helping customers if they get any problem ,by using that forum you can get easily email id of google support team member and contact them for support.
if you are having any issue with google or when you are using services provided by google and you are unable to solve this problem then you can contact to Google support number ,it will help to resolve all the queries related to your problems.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Get reliable assistance to resolve various Google related issues

There is no need to introduce Google. It is a prominent company of America. Google proffers various products and services like Gmail, YouTube, Hangouts, Google Map and many others. All of these services are accessible on various devices like Windows, Android and iOS. Google services are used by the billions of users all over the world. Google is very well known for its optimum services, but sometimes users faced many technical issues while using them. In such conditions, users can dial google technical support number to avail the best in class assistance from adept experts.
Some newly Add-On features of Google is given below:
  • Google Ad-Words:- Google released lots of new features in Google Ad-Words that mean there are various new ways for paid advertisers to customize their business.
  • Google My Business:- It is a free and easy to use tool for business tom manage their online presence around Google, including maps and search.
  • Google Earth feature:- It is a geobrowser which access satellite and aerial imagery and other geographic data over the internet a 3D globe.
Contact Google support team to fix various Google issues
A lot of technical issues can be occurred while using these features. In such conditions, users looking for a technical assistance. By dialling Google tech support phone number user can get effective assistance from the team of Google professionals. The team of these professionals are very qualified and they have a good knowledge to resolve various technical errors of Google. When contacting on these numbers, these professionals will give you world class assistance which can fix various technical issues elated to Google. It does not matter what the problem, you can dial these numbers at 24/7 hours from anywhere and anyplace.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Follow these steps and check spellings on Gmail account

There are many times when the users notice that there are various spelling errors in their Gmail messages that needs to be corrected. So, to check the spellings in the Gmail account the users just need to follow some of the steps that will enable the spelling check on the Gmail account.
Mentioned below are the steps to check spellings in Gmail account !
  • First of all the users need to sign in to their Gmail account with the user name and password.
  • Then the users are required to select on compose option that is on the left of the screen.
  • In the compose option enter the message that the users need to send.
  • After that select the down arrow and go to the bottom of the page.
  • There the users will see an option of check spelling. By selecting on it the users will easily be able to check the spellings in their Gmail.
Therefore, the users need to follow these steps so as to check the spellings in their Gmail accounts. Further if the users face any more issues then they can simply contact on the Gmail Support Phone Number and can talk with the concerned representatives of Google. The number is available on the official site of Google and can be reached out at any time of the day whenever the users wish to.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Fixing Varied Gmail Hiccups is Not a Herculean Task!!

A Gmail account is just the best account for the email users as they have the facility to enjoy unlimited features in this email such as large storage space, filters, hangouts and so on. In addition to that you can connect your Gmail account to your android phone and iPhone which will provide you an opportunity to use your Gmail on the go. If you are the one who always want to use the best email service, then Gmail is just in sync with your requirements. However as they say that every thing has loopholes, so Gmail is not an exception in this case. On a daily basis, users are often distressed over handling a particular issue which they can’t fix due to his ignorance. Just imagine that you have just set to open your Gmail for reading an important mail and you are not able to sign in, then what will happen. Do you have any alternative to eliminate such troubles. Well, the Gmail users might call a Gmail support number to address these issues. Nevertheless the users also need to get sound information about fixing any glitch on their own. If you are having Gmail change password issues, then just grab the required following information to handle these glitches:-
  • First you need to open your web browser
  • After that log in to your Gmail account
  • Now select the Password option
  • Next type the new password and then choose Change Password
Just like the above situation, many users struggle in recovering their Gmail password which is also a complex issue and needs to be addressed immediately. If you are eager to recover your gmail password yourselves, then take help from the following instructions:-
  • The users, first need to go to the Gmail site
  • Now click on Need Help option
  • After that you are supposed to select the option I don’t know my password
  • Now click Continue
  • After that click on the option I don’t know or you can enter your last password
  • After doing that, you need to choose a recovery option out of the two i.e. recovery mail option or mobile option
  • Assuming that you have chosen the recover mail option, then you will get a recovery code in this email
  • Once you find this link in your secondary mail, then you are supposed to click on the recovery link and then you can use the further steps to get your password recovered
The users who have a great urge to use their Gmail account without any fear or risk, then they can fix their Gmail hitches through the steps mentioned above. However if you lack the ability to comprehend these instructions, then all you need to do is to call Gmail support phone number instantly.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Significance Of Gmail Customer Service

Customer Service is an important and an essential part of every Business, Brand and Product, so as with the Gmail Customer Service. In case of Gmail account, customer service or support is needed as because in today’s world, internet and Gmail has become an integral part of any individuals life. The Gmail account, in inbox all the emails are saved which the users have receive from various contacts and among those some are important while some emails are just like that. At times users are unaware of the fact that and the reason or the purpose of the mail which he or she has sent into the inbox. However, the Gmail users are approached and requested to fill in the feedback form and those are later sent to Gmail and till then the users are advised to wait for their feedback from the Gmail team. However, Gmail has a numerous number of features and so there is absolutely no wonder if any of the Gmail users face any issue while using the account or are stuck now and then.

Gmail is widely used because of its user-friendly interface and numerous numbers of advanced features, which results in number of issues. To resolve those issues and provide satisfaction to the users, Gmail has provided the online support from Gmail Team through ‘Gmail Help Centre’. Any technical or non-technical issue can be solved with in a span of time with the help and assistance of their expert ‘Gmail Customer Helpline Service’. Gmail provides a free of cost customer services to their Gmail users. Gmail offers many different ways to assist their users through chat email and phone number. The users can call at 1-855-550-2552 and get the required support for their particular issues. Gmail customer services are extremely experienced and are providing the Gmail support to all the users for years. They are active 24 X 7 and serve the users with their desired solution. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Gmail Technical Support

About Gmail : Gmail is the emailing platform, from which we can send our messages and file to our employee or who ever we wanted. Gmail service is the most easy and fast mailing platform in the world. Here you can save the messages for later use or consult without throwing the messages away. It is the most productive tool and platform with just one click away.

Accessing gmail in iphone using imap :

Steps to setup imap in your gmail account are as follows:-
Step 1: Log in to your gmail account from any source.
Step 2 : Click on settings.
Step 3 : Then, click on ‘Forwarding and imap’ to enable it for accessing.
Step 4 : Now, when the imap is enabled, now go to settings on the iphone Home screen.
Step 5 : Go to mail option.
Step 6 : Select add accounts in the accounts option.
Step 7 : Now enter the gmail address of your choice, and sign to the account.
Step 8 : Then click on ‘Next’.
Step 9 : Give the required password of the account.
Step 10 : Tap ‘Next’.
Step 11 : Fulfil the authentication enabled for your gmail account.
Step 12 : Click on ‘Save’, and finally press the Home button.

By the following you can use these to send messages and email from iphone.
But, if still you face any issue regarding accessing the email from your iphone then refer to the Gmail Tech Support’ which is available 24/7 for your help. They provide better and good services to fulfil the customers need.

Accessing gmail in iphone using pop :

To access the gmail using pop in iphone, be sure enough that, POP access is enabled in your gmail account and for that steps are as :-
Step 1 : First of all, Log on to the gmail account.
Step 2 : Then go to settings.
Step 3 : Tick on ‘Forwarding and POP’ option to enable.
Step 4 : The POP is enabled in your gmail account, now go on Home Page of iphone.
Step 5 : Click on mail option, then select accounts.
Step 6 : Select ‘Add Accounts’ and enter your gmail address of your wish, then sign in to account.
Step 7 : Click, ‘Next’ and enter the password for that account.
Step 8 : Tap next, and tap POP so it is selected.
Step 9 : Now, enter ‘’ under Incoming Mail Server for host name.
Step 10 : Under Outgoing Mail Server for host name enter ‘’.
Step 11 : Again type your gmail address and password under Outgoing Mail Server.
Step 12 : Click on ‘Save’, and type the newly added gmail account. And click on ‘Done’

Hence, these are the steps to access both imap/pop in your iphone, and if find and trouble doing this refer to Gmail Phone Number available for helping their customers.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Google Customer Service: Is Google Play Safe ?

Google Play , earlier known as Android Market, is a collection over 700000 apps and the list is still increasing. All these apps can easily be downloaded by the users. How many of us know that how safe it is to download any app from Google Play Store? Yes! somewhere, there is always a chance of entering viruses or malware in your mobile through some app.  This is not the case with Apple Store. Apple has strict rules and requirements from both user and the developer side. Google Play is very much convenient an open to almost all users. The developers can also load their malicious apps in the Google Store very easily.

Security Experts finds this not acceptable. This is a serious issue. Security experts are asking to add an inbuilt scanner that scans the suspicious applications and don't allow them to even enter in the Google Store. Google is trying to add this inbuilt scanner and after that it will become easier to choose and download the apps.

As the option is under consideration, in the meantime,Android user can do following considerations :
  • Download only authentic apps and from authentic store.
  • Go through people's reviews. Many times these reviews helps a lot in deciding.
  • Try not to download unofficial apps.
  • Make sure of a strong antivirus that must be present in the mobile device.
If any technical issue arise, user can call at the Google Play Customer Service Number. The android experts are always present on the line to provide easy troubleshooting. The Google Customer Service Phone Number is a 24/7 service so user can call at any time and get the instant and effective solutions.